Todd is a catalyst for personal change and growth! He believes the answers to life’s challenges are within each and every one of us. Todd trains his clients, through co-active coaching, a process of identifying the barriers to success. Once identifying those obstacles, Todd helps his clients become motivated to make dynamic changes that will empower them to enjoy a life of balance and peace. With renewed fire and passion, combined with a laser-focused sense of purpose, Todd’s clients come to realize that the possibilities in life are truly endless. Todd’s approach to coaching empowers his clients to become total masters at living a life of success, fun, and true happiness; one that can operate independently, effectively and effortlessly, in a cool and sexy way, in today’s fast-changing environment.

Todd joins Katapult after 25 years in the Outdoor Recreation Industry. Having enjoyed roles in all facets of the industry, from owner, to guide, to marketer, Todd has fine-tuned his skills from employee to employer. Relationship building and communication are the cornerstones to any successful business and this skill is especially valued in an industry that is all about having a good time and enjoying a healthy lifestyle!

 Todd has also enjoyed a career as a life-long entrepreneur and investor. This path has helped Todd focus on promoting values, trust, and growth for both clients and associates. By cultivating and maintaining many successful sales teams, Todd knows firsthand that when a team member is properly motivated to passionately take ownership of their chosen roles, everyone enjoys abundance and wins!



Once in a while you have to go for it

Todd Treharne | July 24, 2013 | no comments

Sometimes, certain things come along that you’ve been asking for, but they don’t look like what you had in mind, so you might just miss them if you’re not paying attention.

Would you be willing to let go of what things “should” look like and be open to letting the Universe deliver things to you, even better than you imagined?

“If you spot an opportunity and are really excited by it, throw yourself into it with everything you’ve got!”
~ Sir Richard Branson

4 Steps To Amp Up Audacicty

Todd Treharne | July 16, 2013 | 108 comments

Set An Audacious Goal,it will get your heart pumping and they are totally awesome!

First off, if you look in the dictionary, the word
“audacious” stands for:

Extremely bold and daring, brave, fearless, original,
without restriction to prior ideas, highly inventive,
unrestrained, uninhibited, bold in defiance of

And this is exactly what a will get you spark your passion for life!

It’s a big, bold, powerful goal you set for yourself that excites you, motivates you and will require you to step outside of your comfort zone and stretch yourself to achieve it.

One of the audacious goals I set for myself this summer is to become a coach for a National Sports Association. (Talk about stepping outside of your comfort zone, right? For me this is a pretty huge stretch!)

Now, when I set this goal, I didn’t know how the heck I was going to make this happen – but that’s
exactly what made this goal so fun and exciting!

It’s forcing me to stretch myself to find a way, and that’s what I’ve been doing.I can easily find an excuse, I have pro skills at that. No more though– now I’m well on my way to making this goal a reality. I have connected with two different professional teams in two different sports this month!

So I’m wondering – how audacious is your goal?

If you don’t have one… we are going to change that. You game?

Here are 4 simple steps you can follow to create one that lights you up and inspires you into action:

==> STEP #1: Decide on the area of life you’d
like to Super Nova – money, business, career,
relationships, fitness (or better yet, just creating
more fun & adventure!) Grab that feeling!!

==> STEP #2: Choose a goal that you have very
little to no idea HOW you’ll achieve it, that will
require you to stretch and grow.

==> STEP #3: Write it down and share it
with your trusted accountability peeps to get it out of
your head and into reality

==> STEP #4: Take at least one action, no matter
how big or small, towards your goal every
single day (this is important!) Every Day in Every Way
This challenge is not about short term!

Remember — life is meant to be lived fully…

It is OK to be afraid to set a ridiculously audacious goal that’s bold. Do it scared!This is just for YOU!!
Be brave and be daring! You can do it. The process will be as big as the the reward of achieving this goal!

Day #14 Simple Ways To Move >>>Forward

Todd Treharne | July 11, 2013 | 346 comments

Simple Way to Move Forward in Life #14:
Be Growth Conscious

“Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life.The only completely consistent people are the dead.”
~ Aldous Huxley
Consistency is not easy. Even more reason to learn the skill if we are to become successful.SMART Goals help with this, but something I have been grateful for learning is to focus on growth consciousness.Goals can be limiting in some cases and don’t always serve everyone in the best way. Find what works best for you. Here is a quick run down(Chart below) on the difference between growth and goal consciousness.You may be able to see better the potential traps in Goal Consciousness.

Goal Conscious:
Focus is on Destination
Motivates you and others
Challenges YOU
Ends when the goal is reached

Growth Conscious:
Focus is on the Journey
Matures you and others
Life Time
Changes YOU
Keeps on growing well beyond the GOAL

Through my involvement in the John Maxwell Team, I have really gained clarity for myself on the difference between the two.The chart is from a book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth and I offer Programs and Masterminds that grow awareness of these lessons. When the focus shifts from goal to growth, and you can consistently believe in the infinite power that is YOU, you will expand and grow beyond what you ever thought was possible!
Consistently put in the work and effort into believing in your self and know the best is still ahead and not behind you, and ‘Oh, the places you will go!”
Two full weeks of this to get after. They will pull you forward and and push you ahead.
So let’s do this!
Her We Grow!

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